Friday, July 19, 2013

Statement from Prospect Place Neighbors Re SLA Disapproval of Kemistry Liquor License

Statement from Prospect Place Neighbors Re SLA Disapproval of Kemistry Liquor License

July 19, 2013

On Wednesday the New York State Liquor Authority (“SLA”) disapproved the application by Kemistry to open a nightclub on a stretch of Flatbush and Prospect Place in North Park Slope at 260 Flatbush Avenue. The community thanks Chairman Rosen, Commissioner Greene, and the Deputy Commissioners for taking seriously the concerns of our neighborhood, the local businesses and residents, Community Board 6, and various elected officials.

Our community continues to be pro-business and in favor of responsible development. As residents, we welcome working together with businesses, as partners, to craft developments and solutions that work for all.

Kemistry in its many proposed formats simply did not work for this primarily residential community and block. It would have been more than twice the size of any other nearby venue. Kemistry’s hours, slated to be open until 3am on most school nights and 4am on weekends, would have been significantly different and later than other businesses, including the Barclays Center. An entrance onto the residential street of Prospect Place would have been disruptive at all times of day and without local precedent. And the introduction of hostess-served hard alcohol bottle service at tables would have been something new for Park Slope, Prospect Heights, North Flatbush, and the area as a whole.

We trust that whatever business eventually joins our neighborhood, takes into account the unique site- and neighborhood- friendly nature of the community. We look forward to the development of the space at 260 Flatbush.

We wish to thank the following groups, boards, and individuals for their role in this matter:

  • Chairman Rosen, Commissioner Greene, and the State Liquor Authority
  • Assemblywoman Joan Millman and Community Liaison Josh Levin
  • State Senator Velmanette Montgomery and Director of Technology & Downstate Communications Jim Vogel
  • New York City Council Member Stephen Levin and his Chief of Staff Ashley Thompson
  • Kai Feder of the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office
  • Community Board 6, including Chairperson Daniel Kummer, Permits & Licenses Committee Chair Gary Reilly, and District Manager Craig Hammerman
  • The North Flatbush Business Improvement District (BID), including Executive Director Sharon Davidson, President Regina Cahill, and Class A Business Owners Michael Pintchnik and Mathew Pintchik
  • Pauline Blake and the 78th Precinct Community Council
  • The Park Slope Civic Council
  • Park Slope Neighbors
  • Sterling Place Neighbors
  • Saint Marks Avenue Association
  • Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform
  • North Flatbush Neighbors

Any/all further inquires about this matter may be directed to

Peter Adelman, Esq.

Prospect Place Neighbors

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