Sunday, April 22, 2012

About Prospect Place Neighbors

Prospect Place Neighbors ("PPN") is a pro-business group of residents (both property owners and tenants) who advocate for the Prospect Place block in Park Slope between Flatbush and 5th Ave, as well as surrounding streets 6th Ave (St. Mark's to Park Pl) and Flatbush Ave (6th Ave to Prospect Pl).  We support in-scale, in-context development of our block. Our group exists to deal with any and all pressing issues facing our block. The most urgent issue right now is the plan for the Kemistry nightclub at 260 Flatbush and that is the sole focus of PPN at this time.

On Facebook, we are "Prospect Place Neighbors" if you would like to "friend" us. Please also follow us on Twitter - our handle is @ProspectPl. Our e-mail address is

We are affiliated with North Flatbush Neighbors ("NFN"). Like PPN, North Flatbush Neighbors is pro-business. NFN is an organization of local Prospect Heights and Park Slope residents and block associations concerned with over-development and out-of-scale/out-of-context development in North Flatbush. North Flatbush Neighbors was created to organize and coordinate among local block associations and residents, on both sides of Flabush, as we all work together to protect our homes and neighborhood character. North Flatbush Neighbors is particularly concerned with announced plans for new nightclubs like Kemistry as well as emerging plans for the arrival of chains such as Hooters.

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